Sentimental Wave/ 绪浪

Sentimental Wave explores the subjective experience of memory and time. In this body of work, I delve into my sensations of deja vu. I've been having emotions that resurfaced in my consciousness: from feelings of loneliness and melancholy to joy and tranquility.

They come to me like waves, and I spontaneously create an image based on deja vus. I made those fragments of my past into an accordion book, with writings on the back of every image in chronological order. The writings are the description of the memories and the images are visual responses to that memory. Through the process of making this book, I have created a new past that exists parallel to my actual past.

《绪浪》是一本手工自制的手风琴折页书, 是我大学最后一年期间的作品。 这段时间总是有些情绪在意识中闪现,每次情绪涌出时制作一张照片。 照片的内容总是和触发这个情绪的回忆不完全相同,却有相似之处。 将所有的照片整理到一起,照片在正面,文字在背面,这些片段一起构成成一本平行于真实过去的回忆录。

Medium / 媒介: Archival Pigment Print (Accordian Book ) / 收藏级微喷(手风琴折页),中画幅胶片

Location / 地址: Created in New York , NY , Exhibited at the SVA Chelsea Gallery , SVA Mentors / 纽约, 美国

Date / 日期: 2022-2023