As He Lay Dying / 弥留之际

The Project started in summer 2019, 6 months prior to my                                      grandpa(motherside)'s death 。 He had mulpitle critical health condition , our family acknoledged the fact of his decay, so we made those picture for memory's sake

The memorial is to pay respect and memberence on the third year of his passing. The ritual is to bring his spirit home, family members eat together, pay their respect and walk his spirit back to his grave. At last,
Burn the plastic gifts so he can recieved it in heaven 

项目始于2019年,于姥爷去世的前半年。 他已身患数疾,我们都知道他时日无多,便拍摄照片作为纪念

仪式为祭日三年之期的祭奠, 亲戚们来悼念,一起从墓地起灵, 回家吃饭,祭拜,后一起送灵。最后把所有的礼物燃烧殆尽,送到他所在之地

Medium / 媒介 :  
Archival Pigment Print / 收藏级微喷

location / 地址 : 
PingLiang, Gansu Province , China  / 甘肃, 平凉

Date / 日期 :