Forgotten Dream of Beijing / 北京遗梦

Forgotten Dream of Beijing it's the embodiment of my belongingnessof Beijing. I was Born in Beijing , went to boarding school since I was little.
The High school in vancouver and university in New York, noneof these
places gave me a sense of home . But after a gap year staying in Beijing during Covid, I have felt some belongingness . Forgotten Dream it's a
two part projecct , the first half it's about the fading memory of affections
in Beijing after I returned to New York. The secondhalf it's about how
asian parents likes to use cut fruit as expression of love rather than
using words. I prepared some fresh fruits for my audiences , hoping they would feel the warmth while viewing the work.

北京遗梦是我对于北京的归属感具象化的产物。 我在北京长大, 从小就开始
寄宿,到高中出国温哥华,大学出国纽约, 这些地方都没带给我归属感。
但是疫情这一年gap year在国内让我有机会找到了一些“家”的感觉。 北京
遗梦是由两部分组成,  一部分是回到纽约后对于在北京时约会对象的记忆
我也为观众准备好了水果,希望他们也可以 坐下来边看作品便感受一些

Medium / 媒介 :  

Photo installation made with  Translucent film , archival pigment
print , table, chair, plate and fresh fruit  /  摄影装置, 由胶片,收藏

Location / 地址: SVA Photography Building , 2nd floor  (214 E 21st,
New York , NY, 10010)  

Date / 日期: Dec 6th-17th  2022.